7 Day Cleanse & Metabolism Reboot For Slow To Go Or Stuck Weight

Intermittent Fasting With PURE Food

Are the things you've been trying... NOT working? Got slow to go or stuck weight? Post menopause with a slow metabolism? Addicted to sugar or snacking and feel low energy? Beyond disgusted and frustrated?  

Your are in the right place!!! 

"For weight loss to be optimum and sustainable... First cleanse your body and nourish your gut using specific anti-inflammtion PURE foods along with practicing intermittent fasting properly.  

If you are new to all of this, don't waste any more time, energy or money trying to piece together a plan.  

I've got your back and have everything all figured out & organized for you including what specific foods to buy, how to prepare them and when to eat them..."  

Robyn Randolph, International Author, Chef, Certified Nutrition Educator, PURE IF Coach, & Founder of Intermittent Fasting Academy  

What If I Can't Do The Cleanse Right Away? No worries... Purchase The Royal Flush Reboot NOW and become an IF Academy member today and then get started on your own, anytime. 

The Course includes everything you need to work at your own pace as well as the course is offered as a group online 7 day cleanse and metabolism reboot, for no extra charge (offered thorugh invitation to register at least 4 times a year). 

Once a member you are always a member and can sign up to join a group 7 day challenge for FREE anytime. 

Additionally, you can always go to the private FB Intermittent Fasting Academy group wall and post questions or comments.

You can check in on the group wall and learn a lot from other people's questions and my coaching responses, so feel free to have a look around there especially when there is a group cleanse/reboot in progress.  

The 7 Day Reboot Challenge Provides:

  Step By Step Instructions Laid Out In 4 Units With Easy To Follow Lessons 

Shopping List 

Specific Anti-Inflammation PURE Food Freedom Recipes  

3 Meals A Day Menu Plan 

Daily Log Template

I have taken all of the guess work out so you will know exactly what to do, what to get, how to make all the recipes, and when to eat what! 

The recipes are designed to use food as medicine and are so delicious you will forget you are on a cleanse.

Work At Your Own Pace  

 Online Course Available 24/7

Includes 9 Coaching Vidoes

Plus Printable Recipes

Opt In To Join In An Online Group Cleanse/Reboot 7 Day Challenge Held Several Times A Year  

Comes With A Private FB Members Only Community For Questions & Coaching Support During The Scheduled Group Cleanse/Reboot  

Simply email your request to be part of an online 7 Day Reboot Challenge. You can always retake The Reboot For FREE.  

Having the opportunity to ask questions and get support from Robyn's vast 21 years of experience teaching and coaching makes this an exceptional value and experience unlike any other reboot or cleanse!

Robyn's personal coaching fee is normally $100/hour. Get personal coaching in a members only format. 


When you sign up you will instantly get the Step By Step Course . If you are opting-in to join The 7 Day Reboot Group Challenge, use the time until we start as a group to go over the course material and get properly prepared so you are ready to begin on Day 1.

What Members Are Saying: 

"I lost 6.5lbs in 7 days!!!! I have been Obese for over 20 years. I was ready for a coaching program to kick me in the butt and keep me accountable. It certainly was not easy peasy, BUT, I feel great! In only 7 days I have energy, feel lighter on my feet, exercise is becoming easier each day.  

One really amazing thing was I had knots in my thighs, they disappeared on the Flush, I communicated with Robyn, she suspects they were pockets of chemical buildup from my unhealthy diet! On occasion my thighs would burn when walking, not any longer. My clothes are loose (love that!)  

Feeling lite and clearheaded, never got bitchy like I used to! I have not had severe cravings for anything, I was a true sugar junky too. My bloating seems to have lessened and my aches are minimal, that is amazing for me.  

Most important component of this plan is the comprehensive support I received from Robyn Randolph. I was online and asked many questions of which she was available and willing to answer. Love her๐Ÿ’•  

I am continuing on with another intermittent fasting comprehensive 6 week course with Robyn and Geoff Randolph."  

Barb Peck Simser, Arizona  


"Thank you Robyn for all your hard work & your constant encouragement to me & My husband. We have been on it for two weeks today! We are both down 7 lbs and down Inches! We feel so much better and don't want to stop!!๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ My husband had such heart burn prior to the Royal Flush...he now has not taken a tums in two weeks!! We now have so much energy and such mental Clarity! If we can encourage anyone starting out...Get past your first three days and you won't ever look back!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! "  

3 Week Check In:  

"All I can say is WOW!! I stepped on the scale today and had lost 19 lbs & my husband had lost 13 lbs since We started Royal Flush Reboot!Whoo Whoo!!๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ Not to mention I have the energy back that I once had! My closet is open to many more choices now as well! We are feeling so good with no aches and pains & we can't stop! It literally has helped us change our eating habits and is now a lifestyle. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure a couple weeks ago as my Drs wanted me to go on medication. I realized I needed to make some changes and asked if I could do this cleanse first...Low and behold my blood pressure has normalized in the past few weeks with NO MEDICATION!! If your feeling discouraged don't get on a scale but once a week! So your focus is not on the scale, but rather truly on how wonderful & energetic you feel! Don't stop...Don't Quit...HOLD ON YOU CAN DO IT!!! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ"  

Hannah Erbele, North Dakota  


"In 7 days the world was created AND in 7 days you have created a world for me that is in reach, to be proud of. Robyn you are a God-send, my angel of grace and wisdom. Not to mention knowledgeable and full of fun! I am leaping my way from a mindset of self-loathing to self-loving. I am incredibly inspired and hopeful, almost driven! The foods that do not support me anymore do not look appealing- as much! I am stoked that I really love all the recipes and we had 2/3 of the ingredients in the house already. It feels great to get back to basics! THIS IS SO HELPFUL.  

I was up before my alarm and energized! Released 3 pounds in 3 days. I am really enjoying all the tasty slurps and chewing every now and then! I can feel my body saying Thank you Michelle Thank you!! With all the tasty items on Reboot I do not feel any thing but blessed. There was a time in my life I disliked all the ingredient I so enjoy today, talk about evolving! There was a time I avoided the kitchen at all cost. Today I did hours of prep for my divine body, mind, and spirit and hip hopping to the 70s Music channel! I can literally feel my body and mind and spirit transforming."  

Michelle Dixon, Santa Cruz, California  


"Itโ€™s been great for me and I love the taste of it all. I have definitely lost weight, feel energized and a little more clear in the head. I may be imagining it but my teeth look more white!!!!!!!!  

The effort to be organized is imperative to be successful and I like everything to be written down, what I have to do when so thank you for bringing the program into my life, I was hooked when I met you at the demo at Jacqui's shop in Beauly, demonstrating raw food.  

Any way, thanks again and I'm enjoying reading your articles and watching your videos. It's so simple and makes a lot of sense." 

Brenda Macintyre, Beauly, Highlands, Scotland


 "Very happy with 7 day Reboot! This is exactly what I needed - kinda like hitting the reset button on my body. When nothing else was working for me THIS WAS the ANSWER!! โค๏ธ Looking forward to the future where this can be my new lifestyle. Thank you Robyn!"

Holly Butler Martin, Santa Cruz, California


 "(After The Royal Flush Reboot) Feeling awesome peaceful. I am not thinking about food all the time. Energy is up. Detoxed off 7 lbs of excess baggage. Stayed on program while traveling with work. First for me."

Carlene Roberts, Idaho


"During this Royal Flush Reboot I managed to kick my coffee addiction...and not had any since...which is fabulous. I have slept more soundly because of that. The anti inflammatory effect also sped up the healing of the gum abscess I came down with on Thursday...and gone by Sat..Sunday and no painkillers or antibiotics required ๐Ÿ˜€16/8 intermittent fasting is a lifestyle for me for over a year now and suits me very well. Yehhhh ๐Ÿ˜€"

Julie Howes, Kinloss, Scotland


 "I have tried intermittent fasting before and (after doing The Royal Flush Reboot) I can now feel a huge difference in how my body is reacting. I think I just needed to figure out what works best for me and the beet broth helped tremendously. My blood sugar levels are much more stable AND I have no desire for an afternoon snack which is a miracle.๐Ÿ˜Š"

Mary Kelly, Cedar Park Texas


When Joannie signed up for The Royal Flush Reboot this is what she posted on the group wall on day 1:  

"I recently did a one-week hurtle into all things healthy: I cut out all sweets, all grains, all alcohol. I stopped eating at least two hours before bed. I did 4 great physical workouts in the course of the week. And otherwise, I ate fresh, light and moderately, a Mediterranean style diet. At the end of the week, I stepped on the scale, and not a pound lost. What's up with that?โ€  

This is what Joannie posted on the private FB group wall ONLY FOUR DAYS LATER:  

"4 days, 4 pounds! I am blown away. 4 days ago my waistline was 33.5โ€ - today it is 31.5. Really? REALLY!!"  

Joannie Rippe, Santa Cruz, California  


"I came onto The 7 Day Royal Flush Reboot to give my body and mind a kick start following a long cold winter of probably too much comfort eating during the dark wintery nights... perfect to start at Easter!  

I decided to stay on for the next level Cleanse, Nourish & Balance Course (2 additional weeks).  

I have achieved a slimmer version of myself where all my clothes drape beautifully once more... What I went on to receive on other levels far surpassed my expectations and with Robynโ€™s acute intuitive pin pointed precision on a particularly hard day at the beginning - gave me the motivation to soften into the process of allowing her to have my back and know most of what I needed to hear at just the right times.  

The spaciousness and clarity Iโ€™m now feeling in my body is having a ripple affect into my work as a dowser and my launching of my own cooking business!!! An abundance of new recipes, videos, and wisdom will keep me entrained for a wee while -  

Great to know I can come aboard any time I fancy giving myself another reboot. Thank you Robyn for your heart felt love and attention to detail and for giving me such a warm welcome. I reckon Iโ€™ve lost around 11 pounds." 

Mohini Frankel-Hutton, Findhorn Bay, Scotland  


 "I have learned, that I can do it. That I can exercise control over the times, I eat and what I eatโ€ฆ That I felt energetic and in control, not just eating whenever I felt like it. And for the record, I did the Royal Flush Reboot for two weeks. I had a significant weight loss close to 9 pounds and I feel great."

Josephine Pina Gruner, Tustin, California


"I never felt hungry & lost 5 pounds in just 7 days! The program is well laid out & so easy to follow. Another thing that was amazing for me...No cravings! I've never been on a clean eating program where I didn't experience cravings before!!!!!

Robin Cooley, Santa Cruz, California


"Hi everyone! Just wanted to say thank you Robyn for this awesome royal flush reboot! It's been great! I love the recipes and I lost 8+ pounds in the 7days and feel much better! Aches are gone too! I've recommended it to many others! I will continue to use this periodically."

Kathryn D, Central Point, Oregon  


"This is such an easy, delicious program to follow. What I โค๏ธ best (besides how delicious the recipes are) is the "grab and go" aspect.It is a great format. I constantly have to fight my old "diet mindset," thinking "I can't possibly lose weight eating like this, I'm not suffering enough. But within 2 days in, I already snapped back to sane eating and being in control, rather than food controlling me. Since I started I am down 6 pounds." ๐Ÿ˜ŽThanks Robyn, for another fantastic program, filled with nutritious and delicious food!"  

Christy B, Bay Area ________________________________  

  โ€œI definitely saw my belly fat shrink! Never thought I could go without bread but wasn't that difficult. Enjoyed the recipes and will keep some of them going.โ€  

 Susan Bentley, South Carolina  


"Robyn's expertise and coaching is fantastic and a big reason I decided to do this particular reboot. What incredible value she gives in all her programs. Worth every penny plus so much more. Wish I learned this stuff years ago. Can't believe how much money I have wasted on other programs and coaching. "  

Victoria Blum, London, UK  


"I had my first breakthrough after 7 days. Iโ€™ve eliminated dairy and caffeine and I have not had heartburn. Iโ€™ve lived with extreme chronic daily heartburn for years. Popping heartburn pills and tums all day and waking up one or more times a night(every night for years) to take more. Iโ€™m free ! Hallelujah !!!!"  

 Rita Morris, Long Beach, California  


"My intention was to be satisfied eating foods that my body loves. I was pretty open to doing the plan, but had some resistance to certain things. It turned out to be a really interesting experience, and I actually WAS satisfied with some of the recommended dishes . :) As I'm learning more, I found I am more curious and have questions. I'll keep practicing some of the things I learned, and will redo the Reboots when available. I really want to incorporate this mindset into my life. PS - 7 days was just right for me! Thanks Robyn!"

Cathy Heaton, Paso Robles, California


"The best thing about the reboot is the release from my sugar habit. I haven't even been tempted by ice cream! No desire for desert any more even when I was hungry and passed by a display of cakes and pies I didn't want them at all. If I want a cold snack I eat a few frozen red grapes and I am happy. For my love of chocolate I mixed coconut oil and cocoa with just a bit of stevia and vanilla and a pinch of salt then froze it in ice cube trays. They stay firm in the fridge and melt in your mouth. So good but I don't really crave them either! Thanks for the freedom."  

Diana R, Phoenix, Oregon  

A Sneak Peek Into The Course Content:

Become A Royal Flush Reboot Member  

You'll learn:  

* To switch over to burning fat for fuel instead of carbs for fuel  

* How to do intermittent fasting The PURE Healthy Way while still enjoying 3 meals a day including your favorite choice of protein  

* How great it feels to burn fat for fuel  

* How to implement The Royal Flush Reboot exclusive recipes created By Robyn Randolph  

* When, where, why and what specific anti-Inflammation & nutrient dense recipes we use to decrease belly fat and for synergistic healing benefits  

* How to do the Royal Flush Reboot while accomodating YOUR Eating Preference (Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Raw...)  

Why Do The Reboot?  

โ€œI'm eager to have a reboot after a lot of company, eating things I don't normally eat. I'm looking ahead to a month of traveling and I'd love to have my body grounded and healthy before I go. I'd also love to lose a bit of weight so the clothes I plan to take traveling are no longer snug.โ€  

Laura Davis, Santa Cruz, Calif  

Tired of being on a constant eating binge and feeling your lap in your lap?  

Miss feeling good in your clothes?  

Is the pain of inflammation keeping you from exercise and is weight starting to accumulate due to inactivity?  

Want to stop mindlessly eating?  

Spending too much time thinking about what and how and when to eat right yet stuck in an addictive food cycle?  

Do you need a done for you shopping list, menu plan and daily regime to help you stop your food addictions and get back on a clean eating routine?  

Do you need it to be simple and not too time consuming to prep?  

Want to learn intermittent fasting but afraid of having blood sugar crashes?  

Excited to keep learing how to use PURE anti-inflammation foods as nourishment and medicine to help your body thrive?  

New to all of this and eager to learn step by step how to actually put it all into practice and create your unique ongoing healthy lifestyle?  

"It only took me 7 Days to go from looking how I looked celebrating my 61st birthday with my daughter to holding up my now way too large pants! Not only did I lose 3 inches around my belly but I lost 4 years of chronic inflammation and pain in my hip. I knew I had created something that would be especially beneficial to women with slow to go or stuck weight and women, like me who want to age well!" 

Robyn Randolph, Founder Of Intermittent Fasting Academy and author of PURE 5:2 Transformation In 21 Days...The Complete Guide To Healthy Intermittent Fasting

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